jueves, 26 de abril de 2018

English slang

Some time ago I posted information about teen language and English slang, but I've just bumped into a funny video by Antonio Banderas for Vanity Fair that I thought would be great to have fun and learn at the same time. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as me!  Well done, Antonio! 馃憤馃槀馃槀 


martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

Women's Day

This year I've decided to get more interactive to celebrate the day and discuss sexism using poweful images. 

This year's logo for International Women's Day  is #PressforChange, so everybody should start by condemning campaigns and attitudes we see in everyday life without even realising. That would be a great way to press. 

The UN Secretary- General Ant贸nio Guterres has said
 "On International Women’s Day, let us all pledge to do everything we can to overcome entrenched prejudice, support engagement and activism, and promote gender equality and women’s empowerment."  

Two of the targets of the 2030 Agenda are: 

  • End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere.
  • Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.

We all know that publicity uses women to increase sales and "attract" customers,these are forms of discrimination and exploitation.  Here you can see some examples:

and even we see advertisements or campaigns that are not as appropiate as they seem.

 But I want to highlight the sexism and discrimination present in sport, specially in the press, where women are seen as something beautiful, wearing sexy outfits, it's not their sportive achievents what matters to sell more.
Colombian Cyclist team



Are all the hightlighted things important?
 What is relevant here? 

All of us shoud stand up,  fight against this and try to get the targets of the agenda before 2030. 

lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

Songs for passive

We really tried hard and made an effort on completing all the exercises on passive voice, so now it's time to enjoy it in songs and see it's really useful to express your feeelings. 

Listen two these two songs and find all the possible examples of passive in the lyrics

ADELE  "Someone like you" 



Adele: We were born and raised in a summer haze
           You'd be reminded that for me it's over
           Regrets and mistakes they are memories made 

Maroon 5: She will be loved

martes, 2 de enero de 2018

Saint Patrick's Day

On March 17th people all over the world celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. It is the date when he is supposed to have died. 
We know he was a slave who became a bishop and converted Ireland into Christianity using the shamrock as the symbol of Trinity. 
There are lots of legends attributed to him such as he banned the snakes from Ireland (snakes were a pagan symbol of druids really). 
I don't want to bore you with history, if you are interested in knowing more about it you can click in this link: History of Saint Patrick
Today I just want to comment some symbols related to this Festival. 

THE SHAMROCK ( Seamroy for the Celts) 
As I said before, this clover is associated to Saint Patrick and therefore to Ireland, because the Saint used it to explain the mystery of  Trinity to pagan people ( three in one: Father, Son and Holy Spirit) , later it became a symbol of nationalism.

 Green is a colour associated to Saint Patrick's Day. People wear green, dye rivers in green (Chicago)  etc, but at the beginnig the colour for that that day was blue. In the 18th century green became more popular because of different reasons: the clovers (green), Ireland was called the "Emerald Island" so green, green was the colour representing the catholics in their flag and Leprechauns can't pintch you if you wear green. 


 Irish music is played in Irish pubs all over the world.  Irish People are very musical, they like singing, dancing and playing music. Music represents their ancient traditions (The Celts had an important oral tradition and used songs and music to tell stories and culture) Celtic music and language were forbidden by the English. 
Nowadays there are important Irish bands (The Chieftains) which try to bring to live the old  tunes and instruments such as  the fiddle, the uilleann pipes (a sort of elaborate bagpipe), the tin whistle (a sort of flute that is actually made of nickel-silver, brass or aluminum) and the bodhran (an ancient type of framedrum that was traditionally used in warfare rather than music).

THE LEPRECHAUN ( Lobaircin for the Celts) 
It comes from an ancient Celtic belief about tiny men, good or bad, with magical powers, leprechauns were crazy fellows, whose task was mending the shoes of the fairies. Leprechauns are known to be treacherous and tricky specially when it comes to protect their d pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Irish main diet was based on potatoes and all kind of stews but there is one which has become famous mainly among Irish inmigrants to USA. It includes potatoes, carrots, beef and cabbage. If you have it with a pint of Guinness, better. 

  More recipes here


s谩bado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas is coming

Christmas is just around the corner full of good wishes, food, lights, presents etc, but we often forget the real meaning of Christmas and that lots of people can't or just really don't feel like celebrating it. 
I have chosen some quotes and a video by John Lennon to give you some food for thought. 

1. What do you think Churchill meant with "a season of reflection?

2.  Some people don't consider politically correct to wish Merry Christmas to others and they just wish "happy holidays" or "happy season" Do you agree?  

3.  Do you think Christmas is getting "too commercial" nowadays? 

Some people can't celebrate Christmas for different reasons and we shoud dedicate some time to think about them. 
This is what John Lennon and Yoko Ono did when they wrote and sang this special Christmas song in 1971. 
Happy Xmas ( War is Over) was performed with the Harlem Community Choir and it  was also a protest song against the Vietnam War.
As a peace activist, Lennon said when he wrote the song: "I understand what you have to do: Put your political message across with a little honey."
 The video, released in 1990, includes images of their billboard campaign against war all over the world, with their son Sean and the choir. This song has had lots of covers by different artists. 

You can see the lyrics here with an activity to complete. Worksheet

 Another version of the video was released later with hard images of the war 

 Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!